A Focus On The Basics

My late father was a small businessman; my mother worked part-time at Neiman-Marcus. My dad’s constant admonition still resonates with me every day: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” And my mother’s intelligence, warmth, and compassion taught me the importance of recognizing the contributions of others.

I take what I learned from my parents to heart as I run for Mayor of Houston. I will tackle the thorny issues that frustrate Houstonians every day: crime, traffic and potholes, garbage, and the maddening difficulty of dealing with the City bureaucracy. I’ll tackle these problems head-on and make progress to help our City move forward. I don’t promise to “solve” these problems overnight or “fix” them forever. But I won’t get distracted by petty arguments or rhetorical disputes as we focus on what needs to get done.

I will strive to be a Mayor who does things right, a Mayor you can be proud of, a Mayor who focuses on the essential services that impact all of us every single day.

About Lee Kaplan

After graduating from law school with honors at the University of Texas, and receiving a coveted clerkship with a federal judge, I joined a large Houston firm and made partner.

Later, two friends joined me as we formed our own small trial litigation firm. Twenty-seven years later, our firm has 50 employees and has earned a reputation for attracting talented and trustworthy lawyers.

Key Issues

  • Deterrence and prevention of crime
  • Educated, properly trained and fairly compensated police officers
  • Keeping our City clean
  • Improved city planning and street repairs to reduce traffic
  • Streamlined permitting processes
  • Attracting businesses to create more high-quality jobs
  • Providing quality opportunities for youth

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I want to thank everyone involved in my unsuccessful campaign for Mayor of Houston for your efforts. That includes my family. Diana gave her blessing to my running and was an astute advisor. Siblings and relatives contributed to the campaign. My mother Celine Kaplan and her friends did the same, as did Will and Queenie and Queenie’s parents. I was blessed with an outstanding staff who embraced and guided this rookie candidate, sometimes with gentle persuasion, but occasionally with spirited arguments. My goal was to discuss issues intelligently and honestly; I leave it to others to judge whether I succeeded. I also sought to engage others in the campaign, and their financial participation is proof of that. I do not have final numbers, but I understand that over 2,400 households contributed to this campaign, which was reported to be double the number of all the other campaigns put together. Thank you very much. I have been the chief beneficiary of all this generosity. Despite being a Houston native who has lived here for decades, I learned much about Houston that I did not know previously. I also explored issues that were previously unknown or little recognized by me. Now you are faced with a runoff in which you will choose between two longtime political veterans. I urge you to set aside preconceived notions and media noise; listen closely to them to see if they lay out thoughtful plans for their stewardship of the city. Make up your own minds to determine if they are prepared for the challenges, both foreseen and unforeseen, that will come in the next four years. And vote! I have one final request, aimed particularly at younger Houstonians. This is a generous City and many of you participate already. My advice is to pick one, or at most two, non-profit ventures and to bring real energy, resources and personal involvement to it. There are unaddressed needs that no government can resolve. Financial support is important, but ultimately, doing good is labor-intensive. That will make Houston even greater. Thank you again.Lee Kaplan ... See MoreSee Less
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